Whangaroa College

Whangaroa College will be offering L2 BCATS for the first time in 2017, working in the community to assist in upgrading housing.

We are also partnered with Papa Taiao Earthcare to see Wai and Whenua restoration happening in our area.


  • Carpentry


    Learners will work through units at L2 to complete their BCATS (Building, Construction and Allied Trades) National Certificate L2. This is a mixture of both theory and practical skills.

  • Wai/Whenua restoration

    Wai/Whenua restoration

    Students learn about the threats to the land from invasive pests and the threats to water quality. Students then brainstorm solutions to these threats.

    Students will participate in local environmental actions and where possible establish an enterprise. In 2017 students will work on a Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment Curious Minds project being led by the Whitebait Connection. The aim is to find Inanga (Whitebait) spawning sites in Pawarenga. Students will learn how to find whitebait spawning sites. The Pangaru and Boroadwood rangatahi will learn fencing skills in order to exclude stock from the precious spawning sites and what type of plant to grow to encourage inanga to spawn on the Rotokakahi Awa.