Papa Taiao Earthcare

Papa Taiao Earthcare links environmental action and youth enterprise to promote a more sustainable Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Our programmes encourage young people to use their head, hands and heart. We use students’ passion for the environment to think creatively about how to solve current environmental issues. After learning about the challenges to the environment students identify local issue that they feel they can improve then they propose solutions.

Papa Taiao then sources skilled support for ragantahi in their community. These instructors and mentors then teach the practical skills to turn their ideas into environmental enterprises. Our aim is to develop future problem solvers who are able to generate job opportunities in environmental restoration and sustainability in Te Hiku The Far North.


  • Moana Restoration / Aquaculture

    Moana Restoration / Aquaculture

    Based out of Kaitaia and Panguru students from a number of schools and kura learn about the issues that face the local marine environment. Students will brainstorm potential ways to address these issues. The themes in 2017 will be biosecurity, threats to paua and aquaculture.

    Students will gain an introduction to aquaculture by studying paua and oyster biology and environmental best practice for marine farming. They will learn how to spawn and grow paua for re-seeding and devise ways to reduce marine biosecurity threats.

    Students will make several visits to the MoanaBlue paua factory in Ruakaka and they will set up and look after racks of oysters on local oyster farms.

    Students will devise an idea for an environmental enterprise and with the support of teachers and business mentors students will write a business plan then produce or deliver their product or service. The students will lead the enterprise with the support of Papa Taiao staff and mentors.

    This academy offers both industry-based Unit Standards and the problem-solving cross curricular action-oriented Achievement Standards. For the very motivated students it will be possible to gain course endorsement for University Entrance.

    As part of the course students will participate in the Young Enterprise Scheme.

  • Wai / Whenua Restoration

    Wai / Whenua Restoration

    Students learn about the threats to the land from invasive pests and the threats to water quality. Students then brainstorm solutions to these threats.

    Students will participate in local environmental actions and where possible establish an enterprise. In 2017 students will work on a Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment Curious Minds project being led by the Whitebait Connection. The aim is to find Inanga (Whitebait) spawning sites in Pawarenga. Students will learn how to find whitebait spawning sites. The Pangaru and Boroadwood rangatahi will learn fencing skills in order to exclude stock from the precious spawning sites and what type of plant to grow to encourage inanga to spawn on the Rotokakahi Awa.