Kamo High School

Kamo High School offers its' learners experiences in Agriculture as well as Electronics/Electrical course of study.

Kamo High School have teamed up with NorthTec, Telford and Taratahi to assist their learners in developing dedicated pathways to employment or further tertiary study.

The Agriculture programme is a two year course building towards a National Certificate in Ag.

2014 saw the introduction of an Electrical/Electronics course partnering with NorthTec and ETCO to expose learners to this growing industry.


  • Agriculture / Horticulture

    Agriculture / Horticulture

    This programme offers students the opportunity to work through three levels of learning. This full time course involves working on a local farm for one or two days a week to learn a wide range of skills, including calf rearing and calving, handling livestock and use of farm vehicles.

  • Electrical / Electronics

    Electrical / Electronics

    This programme take the learner through L3 credits to equip them for a career in the Electrical/Electronics fields. The learner completes practical and theory based work and has the opportunity to be involved in the industry sector in a work based placement.