Dargaville High School

We offer a housebuilding programme through BCATS units and venture out into the community to give the students access to practical experience. Agriculture is also being offered partnered with Telford, as well as Hospitality partnered with NorthTec

Following along the same lines as Tikipunga High School and Northland College, Dargaville High School offers Carpentry through BCATS units and ventures out into the community to give the students access to practical experience.

This course also offers Health and Safety units through Northtec, First Aid training and the ramset course.

2014 saw the introduction of Hospitality at Dargaville High School.  Partnered with NorthTec, the new facilities enrich our experiences for our learners and lead them towards a good vocational grounding in Hospitality.


  • Hospitality


    As part of the Te Taitokerau Trades Academy, Dargaville High School’s Hospitality Academy gives students practical skills and relevant industry qualifications for the Service Industry. Students gain hands on experience and industry knowledge and are well placed to go into entry level work or further training in the wide range of hospitality and service occupations. Students participate in various catering and food preparation events using the recently upgraded commercial grade facilities. They gain a wide range of credits from Service IQ including Barista qualifications. Students choose three option lines for Academy which means they can choose three other subjects and be part of Academy for both Years 12 and 13 while still studying in other areas.

  • Building


    The Building Academy is a full time programme that covers a range of practical and theoretical activities all involved in hands on building projects. The course is suitable for Year 13 or 12 students wanting to develop pre apprenticeship building and general trades skills through the completion of on site and off site building projects. Students are well supported by an experienced tutor who delivers a range of Level 2 and 3 BCITO standards. Students who have completed this course have gone on to start apprenticeships in a range of building and construction areas, practical work in Primary Industry ( farm work, wood manufacturing and forestry) and related trades work such as building supplies.