We thrive on supporting young people to learn a trade while at school, helping them find their passion and focus on their future.

If you are looking to join a Trade Academy or become a Te Taitokerau Trade Academy Provider, please read on to find out more.

What are the pre-requistes for a trades academy course?

Depending on which trade you are wanting to enroll in, usual minimum requirements are:

  • NCEA Level 1 pass.
  • Student should be Yr 12/13 student, although there is provision for special cases to begin in Yr 11.
  • Student attendance history must demonstrate a commitment to ongoing learning through consistent attendance.
  • Students must be able to demonstrate support from whanau / caregivers for their enrollment on the Trades Academy Programme.
  • Students must demonstrate a commitment to ongoing tertiary education and / or employment in the specified Trade.
  • Students must demonstrate a positive attitude and high motivation to enroll on a Trades Academy Programme, as determined by the Principal of the Delivery School.

How do I apply to the Te Taitokerau Trades Academy?

  • Contact the local provider school co-ordinator.
  • Fill in the appropriate application forms and refee’s reports.
  • The school will contact you if you are successful in the application process and you will have an interview to assess suitablity for this course.

When do I need to have my application sent in by?

Each school has it’s own timetable depending on which academy you are applying for.  The Carpentry/house building course  Northland College begin during Term 4  and end at the end of Term 3 of the following year.  You can fill in an application form at any stage of the year ready for the following years course.  This shows early intent.